What you’ll learn

  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatment to burn narcissistic trauma.
  • Why is it important to heal from narcissistic trauma?
  • What is Positive Psychology?
  • Trauma-informed Positive Psychology.
  • What are negative and limited beliefs?
  • Why is the intention of your addiction good? But the impact not.
  • What is an empath?
  • What is a narcissist?
  • What are the downsides of being an empath?
  • How to know if your body feels safe?
  • How is my life impacted by legacy and cultural burdens?
  • How do I respond to trauma?
  • How was I trauma bonded in my marriage?
  • Are you trapped in a narcissistic abuse cycle?
  • What is the VAGUS NERVE? And why is it your secret weapon?
  • What is co-dependency?
  • Do you have a lack of relationship with self?
  • How is co-dependency formed?
  • How to break compliance with co-dependency?
  • How does EXPECTATIONS, JUDGMENT, DISAPPOINTMENT, CAPABILITY, and OPINIONS shape, form, and mold your existence?
  • Can you transform wounded exiles to make yourself whole again?
  • How treats or rides will either give you excitement or anxiety.
  • What are LOVE and HATE BOMB addictions? The paradoxicial narcissist.
  • Are you tired of getting f—– over? Take your life back, get cherished, and set boundaries.
  • Why did I have imposter syndrome during the entirety of my marriage?
  • From GASLIGHT To STAGEFRIGHT and more push and pull tactics.
  • From FLYING MONKEYS to MONKEY MINDS. Do you still feed or fuel abusers?
  • Boundary Queen. It is time to draw some lines. Your true self wants to shine.


Join Break The Bottle Movement – A 30-Day Challenge to burn NARCISSISTIC TRAUMA. Write your way back to your true self with an 86-page digital and printable JOURNAL. If you feel unsafe writing in the journal, know that you can write and then burn the pages safely. Getting it out and writing down your thoughts about what is inside is so important. Expressing your true self is needed to heal. A fireside meditation is included to burn and recover from narcissistic abuse, release negativity, and instill new positive beliefs. Listen to the meditation every day to learn about the GREY ROCK SHIELD. Release and burn bottled-up emotions, feelings, and stuck trauma. Learn about the different types of narcissists. Discover what an empath is and how to empower yourself. Pop the cover off inside of you. Quit pushing down bottled-up emotions. Dig deep and make room for your true self to live and thrive. JOIN ME for 30 Days of journal lessons. Burn stuck trauma and negative limiting beliefs. Learn about your true self. Let your inner self LIVE. Let them FLOURISH AND THRIVE. This course explains Positive Psychology and narcissism through a trauma-informed lens and allows you to learn more about yourself and to heal to achieve post-traumatic growth so that you can recover to heal the next generation. All healing is self-healing. JOIN THE MOVEMENT AND REPARENT YOURSELF.

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