What you’ll learn

  • Importance of energy management
  • Cognitive energy boosters
  • Physical energy boosters
  • Sensory energy boosters
  • How to become more productive
  • How to increase your focus
  • How to tap into your superpowers
  • How to overcome stress and overwhelm
  • How to create balance in a busy life
  • Which mind hacks and wellbeing solutions are right for you and easy ways to enjoy them


Why you need this course NOW:

According to Harvard research up to 90% of doctor visits (in the USA) are related to stress. Stress not only affects your life both physically, emotionally and spiritually but it can put your wellbeing and health at serious risk.

Stress and fatigue not only cause immediate impairments to healthy brain and body functioning but more insidiously they do longer term and lasting damage to mind, body and wellbeing. This damage can accumulate over time to lead to not only a life that feels like a daily struggle rather than a joy but also to dis-ease, chronic disease and shorter life expectancy.

The good news is that with only a few easy to implement changes you can address this and take back control, your power and your health.

Quieting your nervous system and finding practical ways to nurture yourself, cuts anxiety & health stress. It’s tonic for the spirit and the body and you will gain more productivity, focus and energy as a result.

So, if you experience stress, lack of focus, overwhelm, fatigue and find work or daily life hard to get through then this course is for you.  It is packed with information and scientifically proven advice AND it is easy to navigate so that you can choose the right solution for your needs, any day and in any situation.

What you will learn:

  • Find out how energy and focus is experienced in our reality in three ways: §Cognitively §Physically §Sensory
  • Practical ways to become more productive
  • Exciting ways to increase your focus
  • How to unleash your inner superpowers
  • All in OVER 60 applicable ways that will lower stress and burnout, give you more energy, vibrancy, focus and consequently productivity and longevity

PLUS, you will also receive:

A powerful deep meditation to support your change at the outset that will put you in the right frame of mind to make sure that your investment in this course turns into an investment in you and your life.

  • A workbook to guide you through and record your learnings in this course
  • A BONUS Reset your life eBook
  • A BONUS Energy Booster eBook
  • A BONUS hypnotic recording to boost your immune system


  • An open mind that means you turn up ready to learn and grow
  • A daily commitment to work through each section and record your thoughts, learnings and responses in the workbook
  • The meditative part of the course is based on clinical hypnotherapy so you must ensure that you are safe to engage in such a deep subconscious state (see more below).


To get the most out of this course we start with an understanding of the brain and how cognitive (thinking) functions influence our minds and bodies (and often result in stress).

Then we move to the ways in which you can be supported and how to create increased energy, productivity and focus by a series of reset strategies that address your needs at:

  1. A Cognitive level
  2. A Physical level
  3. A Sensory level

Building upon this insight and over 60 easy-to implement strategies you then move onto exciting ways to become more productive in your work and personal life.

Then there is more.

We then guide you through simple yet powerful ways to increase your focus and gain support in all you do.

Finally, we have some magic (only kidding!) to let you tap into your superpowers, build resilience and integrate all you have learnt into the deepest, subconscious, level of your very being.

For even better value and to add even more tools to your amazing toolbox we then offer added free bonus materials to assist your healing, health and happiness.

A course based on science and expertise

This actionable and insightful course is based on tried and trusted scientific and wellbeing research to give you the most up to date and effective understanding of your brain and body. We give you an understandable analysis of the reasons behind stress and its detrimental effects and in each section, we offer an expert overview of each topic and the hacks that will give you the energy, focus and wellbeing you desire and deserve.

Some sections are short, taking about five minutes of your time. Others offer a deeper dive and take longer to guide you through, sometimes up to 20 minutes but always with interest and keeping the pace of the course fresh and manageable.

What you will gain is deeper understanding of your unwanted feelings and behaviours, expert commentary on the best antidotes and actions you can take to counter them and then a practical reset list of actions to take to create the health and life you dream of.

You will learn new things and see many of the aspects of your daily life in new and interesting ways.

Requirements for listening to hypnotic recordings within this course:

The meditations are deep as they are underpinned with hypnotic suggestions to create rapid and permanent changes at your subconscious level. Think about this level of your brain as being the engine room to your life. Emotion will always beat logic so you can’t always ‘think’ or ‘hope’ yourself into new behaviours. We don’t just want to inform you on this course. We want you to be willing and able to make permanent positive changes in your life to give you the energy, productivity and focus you deserve. All of these things will lead to a happier and healthier life.

  • So, when listening to the meditations please go somewhere that you won’t be disturbed, where you are safe and warm and able to sit or lie for approximately 30 minutes. Have your phone on aircraft mode. Do not listen while driving or operating any machinery.
  • Take a few deep breaths and centre yourself before starting. Stretch out your limbs from head to toe to release any tension in your body.
  • If you find your mind is still ‘busy’ then take more deep breaths, breathing in the word ‘let’ and breathing out the word ‘go’ for a few minutes. Or you can try ‘Square breathing’: breathe in for the count of four; hold your breath for the count of four; breathe out for the count of four and hold it again for the count of four. As you do so, with your eyes closed, imagine you are drawing a square with your breath, one side at a time.

Please Note:

The advice in this course is based on professional research and expertise but it may not be right for everyone. If you are in any doubt whatsoever please consult with your GP or private physician before embarking on this hypnotherapy-based course. Do NOT commence if you are being treated for any psychotic or personality-based disorder or are on mood adjusting medication. Also, if you plan to make dietary or exercise changes to your routine and are in any doubt about this or any of the other advice in this course then you must seek professional advice from your relevant healthcare practitioner if you are in any way concerned

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