What you’ll learn

  • Define your marketing goals
  • Create a marketing plan (downloadable template included)
  • Paid strategy methods
  • Organic strategy methods
  • Ongoing marketing for your book


“Set it and forget it” doesn’t work in the publishing world. With roughly 700,000 to 1.2 million new books released each year, a reader stumbling across your book is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Instead, you need to move the needle for them. You need to create a marketing plan for your book’s launch that starts weeks (or even months) before the book’s release date. And planning is imperative. Holding on to your seat and building a strategy on the fly won’t work. You will become flustered and the result will be a subpar implementation.

By downloading the provided template and following along with me, a 4x bestselling author and international bestseller, you give yourself the best chance to attain the level of success desired.

If you’re an author looking to launch your book and make it a success, then you need a book marketing plan. This set of videos is Part 3 in our three-part, all-encompassing series that teaches you how to write, publish, and promote your book.

Within these lessons, you will learn how to create a successful book marketing plan that will get your book noticed and increase the chances of its success. We’ll cover everything from setting goals and creating a launch plan, to creating a course and working with influencers. So if you’re ready to make your book a success, this video is for you!

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