What you’ll learn

  • Define US30 or Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Understand the fundamental approach to trading US30
  • Understand the best time to trade US30
  • Understand technical analysis for US30
  • How to Identify the right supply and demand zones trade
  • How to take lower timeframe entries


This course is designed to take the beginner in trading from their first steps of trading a strategy all the way to becoming a full-time trader on the financial markets!

This is an intermediate-level trading course that teaches students (who are already able to read charts) how to analyse the US30 stock index or Dow Jones Industrial Average using pure price action and supply and demand concepts and make consistent pips on the trades they place.

Students will be able to understand how to analyse the market using market structure, supply and demand zones and also how to identify liquidity areas and get enough practice during the course that trading on their own will become very easy!

You will learn the simple set of rules to follow in order to place a sell or buy order depending on the confirmations you get from the strategy.

  • You will learn proper risk/reward management strategies that will help you become profitable even with a 30% to 45% win rate.
  • There is a part on risk management strategy that will not allow you to blow your account up.
  • There is a part on trading psychology to set your mindset right so you can execute this strategy properly.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate Traders
  • Experience Traders looking for Simpler Strategies to Trade
  • People Looking To Make Profit Trading FOREX

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