What you’ll learn

  • Develop your knowledge of economic themes in Edexcel, AQA, specifications and put theory into context with focused past exam questions and activities.
  • Topic by topic guidance from an experienced engagement and communication professional with teaching and real life industry experience.
  • Build your essay writing skills with worked essay frames and samples throughout the course.
  • Feel confident in your exam skills: You can put what you learn into practice with activities and exam-style questions.
  • Ensure you can explain key economic concepts and issues accurately and effectively whilst creating logical chains of reasoning.


The aim of this course is to help you prepare for the Edexcel Pearson, AQA A level Economics Papers. It includes all the topics required. This guide should be used as a supplement for a thought course along with text books and other materials recommended by your teacher. The course has two sections, content guidance section in the form of a video which summarises the specification content and a question and answer section, that provides guidance on how to answer both short and open ended questions. It also includes sample asnwers and comments on how to improve performance.


The course is structured in four parts to prepare you for 3 exam papers, paper 1 microeconomics, paper 2 macroeconomics and paper 3 a synoptic (mix between micro and macro). The first part is “Introduction to markets and market failure” which corresponds with exam paper 1 of the same name. The second part is “The UK economy: Performances and policies” which corresponds with exam paper 2 of the same name.

The third part “Business Behaviour and labour markets” builds on knowledge gained from part 1 and revisits microeconomics to strenghten understanding and develop analytical and evaluation thinking skills to be applied in exam paper 1 and 3

The four part “A Gobal Perspective” builds on the material and knowledge gained from part 2, revisiting macroeconomics to support the study of advance economics for exam paper 2 and 3.

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