What you’ll learn

  • How to build a solid foundation for your acting career
  • Learn to create industry standard and elevated self-tapes
  • Develop your technique for prepping roles
  • Learn about set etiquette, call sheets and who’s who on a film set
  • How to properly format your acting resume
  • Where to find casting resources


Hi, I’m Jami Tennille and I know firsthand that navigating this industry takes perseverance, consistency and the dedication to keep learning about your craft. I share my techniques for approaching audition sides, share insight in creating an elevated self-tape, formatting your resume, setting goals and becoming a more empowered actor who creates their own opportunities and feels more confidant in their acting. You will also learn about being on set, who’s who on set and how to find casting resources for when you are ready to submit for auditions.

This course is a combination of video lessons, articles and follow-along PDF’s. Plus, I share my E-Book and library of stock sides!

  • 5 Step Role Prep
  • Mastering The Self-Tape
  • Formatting Your Resume
  • Casting Resources
  • Stock Sides
  • E-Book: Insight for The Actor
  • Week #1 PDF Resource Workbook
  • Week #2 PDF Resource Workbook
  • Week #3 PDF Resource Workbook
  • Week #4 PDF Resource Workbook

I am a SAG actor with work in film, TV, commercials, industrials and more. Some of my credits include┬áNetflix’s Luckiest Girl Alive, Manchester By The Sea, DEXTER: New Blood and Chicago Med on NBC. I have learned so much throughout my career from other professionals who were generous with their insight and shared their experiences.

I work with actors every month and my goals are to help them achieve momentum in their careers, take actionable steps toward their goals and feel 110% supported in their craft.

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