What you’ll learn

  • Create beautiful motion graphics in After effects
  • Animate compelling infographics in After effects
  • replacing screen device in After effects
  • green screen footage in after effects
  • editing audio in after effects
  • waving leaves animation in After effects
  • separating vector in after effects for animation
  • animating cartoon city vector in After effects
  • Rendering in after effects
  • Creating GIF in After effects
  • Creative Text animation in After effects
  • Add watermark and lowerthird on your video in After effects
  • Creating beautiful background in After effects
  • Creating animated background in After effects


This the course you need to Learn motion graphics design and VFX  To improve your videos with Adobe after effects

Hi everyone my name is nshuti paulin your trainer in this course I was been creating motion graphics for more than 6 years  ‘As part of this course you’ll get downloadable exercise files so you can work along exactly with the trainer

After effects is one of the best Software in this motion graphics industry  you can use to create beautiful motion graphics  and it is affordable

in this course i will teach you everything you need to know in after effects to create any motion graphics for commercial and even for fun , at the end of this course you will be able to create beautiful  infographics in after effects  , different text animation in after effects , Editing videos with after effect and  so much more

in the course  we cover:

  • Motion Graphics in After effects
  • Infographics in After effects
  • Exporting your video easily in After effects
  • Creative Text animation in After effects
  • Easing and motion blur in After effects
  • Rendering your video  in After effects
  • replacing the screen device in After effects
  • working with shapes in After effects
  • transition in After effects
  • Titles and lowerthird for interviews in After effects
  • Editing Audio in After effects
  • Trimming & editing video in After effects
  • Watermarking your video in After effects
  • Add a vignette to your video in After effects
  • working with premiere pro in After effects
  • Green Screen in after effects
  • Masking in After effects
  • Animating infographics in After effects
  • Animating  illustrated vectors in After effects
  • Animating waving leaves in After effects

in this course, we create a different project in After effects with exercise files so you can follow along with all the files I used in this video I will provide the link so you can find other useful files to practice with.

I will be around if you have any question or anything you want me to add to the course please  feel free to post it question section so we can discuss on and also I will be adding new lectures in this course  every single week to make the course perfect.

If you’ve been excited by the world of motion graphics but still haven’t started. This beginner course is perfect for you.

Enroll in the course I see you in the first lesson

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