What you’ll learn

  • Create industry standard motion graphics animation on your mobile devices
  • Create beautiful storytelling motion graphics like a pro for social medias
  • Learn principles of animation and apply in all animation projects!
  • With the included project files, you’ll very quickly start animating hands on professional animation
  • Bring any simple to complex ideas to life with design and animation in Alight Motion
  • Learn all the tools and tricks in Alight Motion and develop the best workflow for
  • Learn graphics design in Alight Motion to animate with complete flexibility


It’s time to go beyond what mobile animation can do!

Yes, with the power of the Alight Motion app right on your Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can create world-class animation anytime, anywhere! And this Masterclass course will equip you with all the skills to create animations that are comparable to the industry standard! Yes, you read it right, it is capable of all the wonderful animations that you often see everywhere! Whether you are a Youtuber, video editor, filmmaker, graphics designer, photographer, etc, this course will enable you to bring your ideas to animation that will stand out!

With hands-on exercise project files and step-by-step training, with well-recorded and edited tutorial videos, you’ll experience faster and easy learning!

In this course, you’ll learn all the professional tools in Alight Motion like the Easing curves, timeline editing, vector graphics design, layer parenting, camera animation, 3D shapes, and also you’ll learn the 12 principles of animation that will turn any animation into a visually appealing story.

You will learn how to apply different effects to create your own unique animations and VFX!

Turn any video interesting with custom graphics design, Motion graphics animation, and text animation!

You can even do commercial projects in Alight Motion after taking this course!

I have been working on Alight Motion animation projects ever since the app was launched. And this is the second course I’m publishing after two years on Udemy. And this course on Alight Motion 4.3 is by far the best it can get with the latest updates and workflow with very interesting projects that will help you understand all how and whys to create impressive storytelling projects. Whether short or long story animation!

With 30-day money-back guarantee, you will be glad to have joined this course! So enroll today and create impressive animation like a pro. Tell your story with motion graphics animation, text typography animation, and even work on commercial projects! The best part is you can work anytime anywhere right on your mobile devices! The fastest way to bring your ideas to life!

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