What you’ll learn

  • Beat Procrastination
  • Break Destructive Sequences
  • Break Patterns of bad behaviour
  • Everyday practical tools to beat procrastination


This course is a collection of tools and techniques to fight your procrastination and patterns of bad behavior.

I built this course of tools that I used in my procrastination struggle and now I’m happy to share these devices with you

Each lecture is a description of tools that I used to fight bad sequences.

For this course you need a pen and a papers, but you can also use any tables platforms to track your activities and successes.

Section 1 is a theory intro, although it also introduces you to a practical tables.

Section 2 is a collection of practical тв effective tools and devices to help you fight Procrastination.

You can watch this course as a video course and listen to this course as an audio book.

Monitor and track your progress in platforms such as Google Sheets or any other tables. However all you really need for this course is a pen, paper and inspiration.

The final video is about the tools that failed for me but might work for you or be a time-saving advice.

I hope this course will help you fight Procrastination and break the unhealthy sequences of bad behaviour.

Join the course and start fighting procrastination today!

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