What you’ll learn

  • Basics of API
  • How to Use API
  • How to create API
  • How to test API


This course covers all the theoretical as well as technical aspects of API including API testing through KEPLOY which generates automated test cases and can help us in dependency mocking.

After completing this course you would be able to understand all the theoretical details of APIs like the kind of errors that users see on the website, for example, 404 or 502 errors. We have covered each and every basic concept of the APIs, like HTTP HTTPS, and types of APIs.

This course will teach you all the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This course covers a project Called weather API where we will make a project using public API which delivers weather forecasts.

This course includes a basic API creation using node and express where we will teach how to create your API and connect it with JSON responses.

This course covers API testing using postman where we will teach almost every feature of post for analyzing API before integrating it with your project

This course covers a project made in golang

This course covers a full fledge tutorial on using Keploy tool where we will be teaching you how to integrate keploy with your project for auto-generating tests and mocking dependency.

These are the indexes for this course

  • Theoretical aspects of API HTML, CSS, JS
  • API Integration
  • API Creation
  • Testing using postman
  • Making your own sample application
  • Using keploy to generate test cases

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