What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to protect currency investment profits from taxes
  • Students will learn the most effective way to build asset protections for middle income taxpayers
  • Students will learn how foreign currency capital gains are taxed
  • Students will learn the power of certain tax forms in lowering taxes by hundreds to thousands of dollars each year


The course Asset protection for Iraqi Dinar Investors shares insight into how wealthy investors legally shield their profits from the IRS and how you can do the same using easier and more economical techniques.  The power of Schedule C is discussed along with Section 179 and the new tax law Section 199A.

Foreign currency and Iraqi Dinar Investors learn how their profits are taxed and what you can do to lower your tax liability, legally.  There are certain tasks that must be adhered to in order to protect wealth,  This course shares exactly what these tasks are and what happens if the tasks are incomplete.


Exotic Currency investors are closer to wealth than most people, due to the high profit margins.  Learning how to manage sudden wealth is necessary in order to maintain said wealth. Revalues and exchange rate fluctuations in foreign currencies have created wealth for, banks, corporations, and individuals in previous years,  Learning how to deal with sudden tax liabilities due to sudden exotic currency profits is all a part of financial planning.

The difference between a professional day trader and a casual investor is included along with tips on how to tax plan your way to lower taxes.

Schedule C and Schedule D information pertaining to foreign currency investments is outlined along with how to legally prepare yourself for lower taxes and higher income opportunities.

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