What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Cisco ACI
  • ACI Hands on experience
  • Cisco ACI Used Cases
  • ACI Practicals
  • Python
  • Terraform


There are two part covered like doing the aci automation using Infrastructure as a code (Terraform) and also python.

Through IaaS you can do the entire aci build so I have covered some of very important topics of Cisco ACI.

Key Skills:


#Cisco ACI


#How to Use Terraform

#Install Terraform

#What is DevOps


Course: Learn DevOps: Automate Cisco ACI with Terraform



Fabric Access Policy: Vlans, Domain, AAEP, Switch Profile and Interface Profile.

Tenant Overview and Its Configuration:

Create Tenant, VRF, Application Profile, EPGs, BD etc.

Contracts: Create Contract, Subject & Filters

L3Outs and L2Outs configuration

ACI Automation Using Python:


In this course, you will be going to learn about how to do the ACI Automation and this will help you

to automate provisioning of an ACI Fabric.

Here you will be going to use the programming language i.e Python which is available to run the automation tasks like Implementing logical Tenant Configuration Changes in the ACI Fabric.

The first part of this course will be more about covering the ACI Introduction and ACI Automation.

Second part of the course is about setting up the lab like installing Python and its libraries that is required to run the scripts.

You will also learn supporting tool like Visual studio Code for editing and running the script.

Also I will show you how to get the APIC access to perform ACI automation tasks.

Now third section of the course is about the scripting and performing the ACI Automation tasks with the help of Python Scripts.

In this section, I am covering how you can perform the changes like creating new tenant, VRF, Bridge Domain, App profile, EPGs, Contracts, Filters, Configuring VLANs, Domains, Static binding with individual interfaces and with the port-channel interfaces. Also, I am covering the very important part like configuring the L3out with OSPF and BGP.

Fourth section is about the Github and accessing repositories that you can use it for the ACI automation.

And last section is about troubleshooting commands like running the show commands to get the output of the

show interface status,

show vrf

show cdp/lldp neighbour,

show endpoints,

show contract and filters.

acitoolkit module helps to cover logical tenant related configuration and some troubleshooting commands.

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