What you’ll learn

  • Who does God say that you are, and how does that translate into dollars and cents?
  • How to curate and sustain the client experience in a business
  • Dissecting the impact of a business to assess whether the owner is operating in purpose
  • Learning legal strategies to protect the identity of a business brand


Back to the Basics is a bootcamp intensive designed to introduce (and reintroduce some) to the basics of business which have led to the success of business owners before us. Although we are in the technology age, there are so many other things besides technology that leads to a prosperous business. To take this course, you will need a device from which you can watch a video, such as a phone or laptop. You will also need a pen, paper, and an open mind!

In this course we will cover legal strategy for branding and stability, more money, more impact: faith and finances (they aren’t opposites!), curating the client’s white glove experience by infusing technology, cultivating a millionaire mindset, and healing CEO trauma. We are focusing on identity, integrity, and impact. All of the topics are taught by industry leaders who are also Christian. The principles we teach are practical, relevant, and biblical!

Our course is perfect for those in all phases of entrepreneurship, from beginners to those who have several years of experience. Mastering the basics of business never grows old, and, of course the word of God is always relevant. During a time where entrepreneurship is being made to seem so complicated, we lead our students to success by instilling and fortifying simple, yet pertinent truths.

If you are ready to clear out the confusion and follow God’s plan for your business, this is definitely a course you do not want to miss!

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