What you’ll learn

  • How to configure and set single Navisworks Plugin
  • Extract information of model hierarchy and extract those as a JSON file
  • Creation of Search Sets on Navisworks crossing requirements and managing the information properly
  • Creation of a Timeliner with those search sets and basic timing set up


This course its amazing oportunity to jump into the Navisworks API and use it t to automate and streamline 3D model-based workflows for Coordination and Construction Managment.

Autodesk Navisworks has also a powerfull API that can solve development problems that are out from the Revit Creation processes, empowering Navisworks a BIM Platform Tool.

The course covers a range of topics, including how to extract information from models , how to create search sets based on specific model data and properties, and how to create timeliner animations using search sets and keyframe data.

This course its not starting from scratch since it relies on the knowledge adquired on previously developed Autodesk Revit API C# Courses, and its been developed for Architects and Engineers not only programmers.

By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of the Navisworks API and will be able to use it to create custom tools and plugins, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize their workflows.

Help those subsecuent training agendas to be released as soon as posible by recomending, reviewing and buying this type of content,  so join me in to bring all those capabilities to reality and transform your BIM Skills and enjoy at any time the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.

And on my deep hopes ill do my best so that with this content will change your way of working  for good onwards.

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