What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to choose a monologue that will be good to showcase your acting skills and talents
  • How to prepare a monologue for auditions
  • Learn how to rehearse your monologue alone
  • Break down your monologue into beats and find actions which align to the intentions of your characters


Are you an actor who has an upcoming monologue to work on? Are you an actor who struggles to prepare and work on monologues for an upcoming audition? Do you feel performing and working on monologues has been a major backlash in your acting journey?

If that’s you, you have landed on the right course. This course has been crafted bearing in mind all the difficulties actors face while working a monologue.

Monologue is essential in acting. Every audition, classes, performance will demand you to showcase a monologue. Monologue is a great way to showcase your talent.

But how to work on a monologue? How to rehearse alone? How to make choices alone? How can l be better at monologues? How can l stay in character throughout my whole monologue?

Here come becoming monologue pro where comes for the rescue, in this course you will learn how to :

  • Choose monologue
  • Memorize & Analyze a monologue
  • Identify the actions/ needs and obstacles of the character
  • Bring your imagination and personal life experiences in the monologue
  • Overcome your audition fears

To join this course, you do not need any prior experiences. This course is suitable for actors of all levels. Newbie actors, experienced actors, anyone outside acting, who is curious about acting as well. Improving your acting skills is a lifelong process.

This course begins with the basics of what is a monologue, how to memorize and analyze your monologue by identifying the imaginary circumstances present in a monologue such as the conflict happening, the place, props present in your monologue. After breaking down your monologue, you will learn how to make choices for the monologue and bring in your ideas and personal life experiences in the monologue. Alongside there are 4 downloadable worksheets that will help you work on your monologue on your own.

Join the course now and start to prepare and perform any monologue like a pro

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