What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build APIs with FastAPI and Python and organize your projects.
  • Learn to write unit-tests for the API.
  • Learn to improve development workflow using Docker and Python specific tools.
  • Learn to apply advanced development techniques.
  • Learn about FastAPI’s middleware and authentication.
  • Learn to use MongoDB as a database.
  • Learn to deploy your application on Kubernetes.


Learn to build modern APIs from scratch using Python and Fast API.

Join this course in order to learn to build a Movie Tracking API from scratch using Python with FastAPI and MongoDB. During the course you will learn web application development basics, how to structure a Python project, how to apply design patterns and to write unit tests for your API.

You will also learn how to use the tools that professional Python developers use in their day to day work and to improve your  workflow.

The course uses Python 3.10 and Fast API.

What you’ll learn in this course:

– How to build a real-world Movie Tracking web service API.

– How to write unit tests with Pytest.

– How to structure a Python project.

– How to improve your development workflow with Docker and compose plugin.

– How to apply design patterns such as the Repository.

– How to code an in-memory database from scratch.

– How to work with MongoDB from Python.

– How to write and think about the application’s RESTful endpoints.

– How to handle pagination.

– How to work with Fast API’s dependency injection feature.

– How to handle configuration for your Fast API project.

– How to containerize a Python project.

– How to deploy the solution on Kubernetes.

– How to scale the API.

Course Prerequisites:

– Python knowledge is desired but NOT required, it can be picked up during this course as Python is intuitive.

– Web Fundamentals knowledge is desired but NOT required, it can be learned during this course by using free linked resources.

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