What you’ll learn

  • Master the Python GUI programming language by developing a complete software for doctor / hospital appointment booking, editing and report generating
  • Able to design beautiful interfaces (GUIs) for any application in Qt Designer. You will learn all requirements to design beautiful interfaces with hover effects
  • Add this project in your Portfolio or in your resume when you apply for python developers jobs. you will learn complete step by step codes to develop this app.
  • Able to create database, tables and how to connect the front end and back end using Python code.
  • Design beautiful interfaces for data science, machine learning, deep learning and IOT projects to show data, images and hover effects.
  • Learn GUI design, database design, table design and you will learn the communication process between the GUI application and slite3 database using python code
  • You will be able to develop a filly functioning application for any business using Python, Qt Designer and SQLite Database
  • Learn the CRUD database operations (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) in SQLite3 database using this project.
  • Able to design database, tables for any application you want to develop yourself
  • Learn how to get data from GUI interface, how to add events to GUI controls and you will learn how show data in a GUI table which is collected from database


Hello Students

Thank you very much for showing interest in this course.

Welcome to the course Build Complete Doctor appointment App development in PythonPyqt5 using SQLite database.

  • Do you want to become an expert in Python GUI programming?
  • Do you want to develop a complete Python GUI project to add it in your resume or in your portfolio?
  • Do you want to learn SQLite database connectivity  with Python and Learn SQL statements through a real time project?
  • Do you want to develop an appointment booking application for your client?

then you are in the right course

By joining this course,

  1. First you will learn how to install Python, Pyqt5, Pyqt5-tools, DB Browser, Visual Studio Code (it is optional) and configure the qt designer to desktop.
  2. Then you will learn How to create a beautiful login form design using Qt Designer that contains a password input and verify if it is correct or wrong using Python programming.
  3. Then you will learn how to create SQLite database and tables through python code and how to view all data through SQLite browser.
  4. Then we will be moving to create a beautiful doctor appoint details input form using Qt Designer and store the data entered in SQLite database.
  5. Then you will learn how to edit the doctor appointment like how to edit the booking name, city, phone number, booked time, status of appointment and you will learn how to Update or Delete the details from the database using update and delete SQL queries.
  6. Then you will learn how to create reports form and show report using date filter. For this you will learn how to design SQL date and SQL Select queries.
  7. Then you will learn Python output statements, Python conditional statements, Python For loops, Python lists and Python database connectivity
  8. You will also learn how to set images in QLabel and how to make it fit inside the QLabel component.
  9. You will learn Qt Designer Widgets like QlineEdit, QPushButton, QLabel, QTableWidget, QDateEdit, QFrame, QComboBox controls and add them to our project.
  10. You will learn database operations like Create Database, Create table. Insert into, Select * from, Select max(id) from, Update table, delete from, operations to use in this project.
  11. You will learn how to create style sheet for Qt Designer Controls and your will learn how to create hover effects for the controls in this project.
  12. ·You will learn the css styles for borders, background, opacity, font style, border-radius, border bottom and padding to implement in our project controls.

After completing this course,

  • You can build your own Appointment booking app for any business.
  • You can design the required database, tables to any kind of project you want to develop
  • You can create INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT sql operations for any project you will develop
  • You can easily create beautiful user interface for any kind of application you want to develop
  • You can easily create Python functions to connect with qt designer controls.
  • You can edit this project for any other purpose and deliver to the clients.

Then why are you waiting…

Join this course immediately…

I will see you in the course..

Thank you very much

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