What you’ll learn

  • Understanding and Providing Ethical Management
  • The Relationship Between Law and Ethics
  • The Spirit and Letter of the Law
  • Meeting the Spirit of the Law


The Business Law and Ethics course is the second part of the three that together form the Business Law series.

As a manager, you have both legal and ethical responsibilities. Your conduct is expected to meet both the letter and the spirit of the law. Managers who bypass their ethical responsibilities risk getting themselves and their companies into deep legal trouble. Corporate scandals have ruined both careers and companies.

As a manager, you need to learn about business ethics and how to use ethics as a guiding rationale when dealing with your responsibilities. This is crucial because ethical principles provide the basis for the spirit of the law. This course guides you in differentiating between ethics and the law, as well as in recognizing areas where the two concepts overlap.

It explains the difference between following the letter of the law and following the spirit of the law. And it covers a process you can use to make ethical decisions that comply with the spirit of the law. The course also outlines typical obstacles to ethical behavior in business, and steps managers can take to build a strong culture of ethics in their companies.

By understanding and providing ethical management, you’ll help to encourage ethical behavior in your organization. This can protect you, your employees, and your company, and help attract both customers and investors. Ultimately, ethical behavior means better business.

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