What you’ll learn

  • Find, Download and Install Visual Studio Community 2022
  • Create a Console Program
  • Understand the Concept of a Variable
  • Understand the Concept of a Method
  • Understand the Concept of a Code Block
  • Understand Concepts Related to Arithmetic
  • Understand Concepts Related to Fully Qualified Names
  • Understand the Different Types of Division in C#
  • Understand the Order of Operations in C#
  • Understand the Meaning of Public and Static, As Applied to Methods in Coding
  • Look at the .NET Framework Source Code
  • Understand the Concept of Method Nesting
  • Understand How to Use Various Math Class Methods
  • Explain the Concepts Behind String Interpolation
  • Understand Different Ways of Formatting Strings
  • Understand What it Means to Return a Data Value
  • Understand String Interpolation
  • Use the Logical And Operator
  • Use the Logical Or Operator
  • Please Read the Video Titles For All the Details!


Hello and thank you for stopping by. Please be sure to read the course description, course goals and watch the free preview videos before purchasing to be sure this is the right course for you. This is a very important step.

This is an introduction to C# (pronounced “c charp”), which is a programming language from Microsoft.  C# is a powerful and versatile language with which we can create a huge variety of programs, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. Because this is a beginner’s course, it uses console applications. Please understand that “beginners” doesn’t mean it’s overly simplified. It delves into some very fine details that require very careful analysis. There are exercises in many of the videos. At those times, please pause and try them before watching on. Console applications are the simplest programs we can create in C# and are used so that the purpose of various language features can be discussed carefully without the complex overhead of a graphical user interface.   All the code is typed line by line, in real time. The coding is done inside Visual Studio 2022 Community, which is a free program, called an Integrated Development Environment, from Microsoft.  This is a beginner’s course, but it’s for the beginner who is willing to go beyond merely printing “hello, world” and who really wants to dig into C#, including looking at the .NET framework source code from time to time. It’s important to understand where things are coming from.   Before enrolling, please be sure to view the free sample videos so you can decide whether this is truly the right course for you. Thank you for reading and see you inside.

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