What you’ll learn

  • Start viewing your child’s behaviour in a positive light.
  • Gain tools to help you respond calmly to your child’s big emotions.
  • Explore techniques to help you manage your emotions.
  • Start setting realistic expectations for your child’s behaviour.
  • Learn to be more present and unlock the joys of parenting.


Are you often stressed and have limited patience? Are you confused by your child’s big feelings and emotions? Are you trying to parent more respectfully?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then this Calmer Parenting course is for you. The first 3 modules are all about looking at ourselves. I explore the importance of the expectations we set for our little ones and share how we can ensure they’re realistic, I then move on to how we can change our perception of our child’s behaviour, and then give a little space to the importance of being able to regulate our own emotions before responding to our child during those challenging moments.

Module 4 is all about Meltdowns and Tantrums, probably one of the most challenging parts of parenting. They can leave us lost, confused and very frustrated. Throughout this module, I discuss why they occur, how we can look to avoid them and of course, how we can deal with them. I close out the module by touching on the importance of setting boundaries, then give some space to the most difficult phase of all, hitting, biting and scratching.

This course will get you thinking differently about your little ones. It provides you with tools, techniques and plenty of honest real-life examples to help you respond more calmly and positively during those stressful parenting moments. From managing your emotions to responding to those confusing meltdowns and tantrums, this course will help you through all of this through 3 hours’ worth of content, broken down into 30 videos across 7 easy-to-follow modules.

I’m looking forward to sharing this course with you all <3

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