What you’ll learn

  • equity research
  • portfolio analysis
  • market analysis
  • financial statement analysis
  • stock analysis
  • multi asset portfolio management
  • financial psychology
  • investing bias and heuristics
  • stock screening
  • stock predictions
  • value investing


In this course you will learn various methods of analysis from start to end , this course is an end-to-end solution for students as well as professionals who wish to learn investing in equity markets .

In this course we would be covering various topics that relate investing in Indian equities along with global markets exposure . you will learn how to use the stock analysis tools and software’s to perform practical analytical method prior investing

  • qualitative analysis
  • business model analysis
  • quantitative analysis
  • market research and analysis
  • stocks trading & investing
  • trade brains analysis tool
  • portfolio analysis software’s
  • financial statements analysis

this course can be proven as a one stop destination for passionate learners , you will get study materials along with links of the platforms we would be using to perform investment analysis and portfolio analysis .

Below is a quick profile of mine ,

I am Nism , Ncfm , Aiwmi certified research analyst , fundamental analyst & alternative investments analyst having a experience of 3 years . i am an author of various books , cognitive finance & investors psychology , the art of investing and financial psychology published in the year 2020-2021.

I teach the investing as well as trading along with derivative analysis and i am a tutor as well I’ve been running sobarine technologies as a part of my career and i teach the financial markets as well…..

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