What you’ll learn

  • Differences between traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, and self-publishing
  • Publishing terms such as query letter, manuscript, book proposal, exclusive submissions, simultaneous submissions, advance, and royalty
  • What a literary agent does
  • Things to consider if choosing a hybrid publisher
  • Pros and cons of print-on-demand and two self-publishing companies that offer print-on-demand publishing


Choosing the Best Publishing Option for You and Your Book: Traditional Publishing, Hybrid Publishing, or Self-Publishing? is a course designed to help you choose which publishing option is best for you and your book.

This course is divided into a total of twelve lectures: an introduction and 11 lessons. Each lecture includes a video with a slide show presentation as well as a downloadable transcript for your convenience. Handouts are also included with some of the lectures to provide additional resources and information to help you in your publishing decision.

The video lectures total approximately 2 hours.


Reiterate and expand on information presented in course video

Lesson 1

Provide a brief overview of traditional publishing

Lesson 2

Define query letters, manuscripts, and book proposals

Lesson 3

Discuss traditional publishing companies

Discuss literary agents

Define exclusive, unsolicited, and simultaneous submission

Lesson 4

Discuss competition, rejection, and waiting in traditional publishing

Explain some of the jobs a traditional publisher does

Lesson 5

Explain who is responsible for publishing costs when a book is traditionally published

Define advance and royalty

Discuss author’s responsibility for marketing a book when traditionally published

Lesson 6

Provide an overview of hybrid publishing

Discuss things to consider if choosing a hybrid publishing company

Lesson 7

Provide an overview of self-publishing

Lesson 8

Discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing using print-on-demand

Share two print-on-demand options

Lesson 9

Discuss the differences between traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, and self-publishing using a chart

Lesson 10

Explore options to why to publish a book

Discuss questions to consider when choosing a publishing option

Compare the different publishing options with another chart

Lesson 11

Explore the publishing path(s) the course creator has chosen and why

Who This Course Is Not For

Someone expecting to get rich fast by publishing a book

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