What you’ll learn

  • Augmented Reality Production
  • Code Free Augmented Reality
  • Image, Video-Based Augmented Reality
  • A panel of Augmented Reality Elements
  • Publishing your Augmented Reality


Welcome to the course ‘Code Free Augmented Reality Production with EyeJack Creator’. In this course, You will learn, Code free Augmented Reality Techniques that are highly helpful for beginners and art learners to publish their work in the form of Augmented Reality.

EyeJack Creator is a desktop app that dramatically simplifies the process of creating augmented reality art. The goal is to automate much of the processing required to produce assets that work well for marker recognition & tracking in a tool that is easy to use for anyone, at any skill level.

Panels are the easiest way to create and display AR content in the real world. Using a combination of still and animated panels arranged in 3D, it’s a great way to share a story at any physical location.

Perfect as an AR solution for walks, trails, and tours, across public-facing sectors such as Education, Tourism, Heritage, Councils, Events, and Retail.

No 3D skills are required! Simply add images and videos to your scene and preview them on your phone in seconds.

  • Fundamentals of Augmented Reality
  • Introduction to EyeJack Creator
  • Download EyeJack Creator
  • Install EyeJack Creator on Desktop & Mobile
  • Account Settings with EyeJack Creator
  • User Interface of EyeJack Creator
  • Image-based AR creation – Artworks
  • Mobile app for accessing the EyeJack AR
  • Edit the EyeJack Artwork
  • 3D Space of Panels in EyeJack Creator
  • Transform the AR Creation Panel content
  • Add Multiple Elements inside the Panel
  • Create Left and Right side Panels
  • Collections in EyeJack AR
  • Publish your EyeJack AR work
  • Plans of EyeJack AR Publisher

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