What you’ll learn

  • Start from scratch from the concept of NoSQL databases to the mongoDB Architecture to MongoDB Development
  • Describe MongoDB architecture, basic components ,and use comfortably MongoDB for their applications
  • MongoDB CRUD
  • Design MongoDB Schema for your Application
  • MongoDB Applications’s Design Tips


In This Course together we will learn about MongoDB starting from the basic concepts of NoSQL databases, Mongo basic Components, Mongo Development Tasks, and MongoDB Administration Tasks, all this through hands-on labs and exercises.

At the end of the course you will be familiar with different aspects of MongoDB development , MongoDB Administration, and you will be able to start your applications development MongoDB.

In This Course you will learn the following:

  • Install and setup Mongo in your machine
  • Manage your Mongo server
  • Manage Mongo Database and collections
  • different CRUD operations on Mongo Documents
  • Mongo modifiers
  • how to query your documents in Mongo
  • how to model your data in Mongo
  • Interface mongo with Python to use in your python applications
  • Administration tasks in Mongo Servers
  • Create Replication to protect your data and applications from failures

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