What you’ll learn

  • Attain Wuji posture.
  • Create a quiet body/mind.
  • The six movements of the Connecting Heaven and Earth Qigong.
  • Where the focus is on each movement.


Recent Reviews:-

  • “A beautiful course from a humble master. Honestly the best I have ever experienced. Fantastic detail, guidance, clarity – I will hold on to this master for my QiGong learning!”
  • “I really enjoyed this course. It was very detailed and the description of the effects of each movement was very helpful. Usually you are taught just the movements but not about the meridians etc. I thought Des was very patient and seemed to explain just about every question which could be raised. Very highly recommended.”
  • “This course has given me a wonderful foundation to start from. Des provides detailed fundamentals and easily digestible instructions for the course provided.”
  • “After many courses, I found this method related to my needs exactly. Relaxed, and clear.”
  • “A thoroughly enjoyable, well presented and comprehensive course during which very thorough explanations and demonstrations were given. I particularly found being able to see the positions performed both from a front and side view very helpful and also the information given on the points on the meridians affected in each of the positions. This course really is as close to one to one tuiton as you can possibly get on line. Thank you, I loved it!”
  • “The descriptions of the movements; external and internal are so clear. The discussion on what to focus on after learning the movements helped me immensely. Extremely well taught.”
  • “This Qigong course is so applicable and well done–a real treasure to add to your toolbox for promoting wellness. Instructor Des Lawton of “Connecting Heaven and Earth Qigong” is an adept teacher of ancient and complex material, whose method transmits the essentials to students, allowing them to achieve a meaningful practice immediately, creating the foundation for continued study. There was emphasis on developing self-awareness and attunement to the mind-body connection which is helpful in all aspects of improved quality of life. An example of this was the lesson on posture that through practical exercises brings to light awareness of one’s body’s habitual balance developed over a lifetime so that the student can develop correct stance and connection to maximize energy flow and centering. Another amazing asset is that unlike many other online course instructors in this discipline, Mr. Lawton is personally accessible and answers questions, truly caring about providing each one of his students an engaging, rewarding experience. I look forward to learning more from this gifted and professional teacher!”
  • “Excellent course. Great explanation of theory and good, clear instructions. Well paced. Highly recommended”

Welcome to the Connecting Heaven and Earth Qigong course. I’m Des Lawton and I have over 30 of years experience in teaching Qigong. As well as teaching live classes I also teach Qigong online. See our website (Pro-holistic) for details.

The first thing I want to say is that I am passionate about Qigong because I know, through personal experience and practice, just how wonderful, powerful and beneficial Qigong is. However, I am NOT talking about the physical exercises that are currently being passed off as Qigong. I am talking about true Qigong. I am talking about working with Qi, with our life energy.

Qi is tangible. It does not need to be visualized. Within Dao Yin, Neidan, Neigong and Qigong (when the literal translation is used and adhered to):

· You lead and guide the Qi.

· You experience the Qi, tangibly.

· You use this, tangible, feedback to increase your skill.

· You use the, physical, movements as a means and not an end.

Connecting Heaven and Earth is an exercise that can be practiced in three different ways. As a Five Elements exercise, as an Exceptional Vessels exercise, or as what’s known as an Internal Alchemy exercise. In this course you’ll be learning the Five Elements version. At the end of this course you’ll be able to practice the exercise and, through continued practice, maintain balance in your meridian system.

This course is structured in order to make sure that you have all the information you need when you need it. It covers the basics before moving on to the lessons for each individual movement in the exercise. Finally it covers the full exercise and the focus points necessary to make it true Qigong. Please keep to that structure. Going directly to the exercise is not a shortcut. It will only cause misunderstanding and your progress will be hampered.

This is an exceptional Qigong that energizes the body and the mind. It calms the mind. It brings balance to your entire Qi system. It also happens to be one of my favourite Qigong, one that I use all the time.

The, free preview, introduction lesson explains the course in more depth. This might be your first Qigong, it may be that you have many years of experience but either way please don’t rush and then you will enjoy your Qigong journey. The benefits of true Qigong are far too good to miss.

This course is for people who are serious about Qigong, no matter what their current level of experience is. It is for people who want to practice true Qigong, to work Internally, rather than practicing slowed down aerobics.

Qigong is an Internal skill with the function of enhancing the practitioner’s Qi (energy) and the flow of Qi within the meridian system and energy body.

The movements and postures that Qigong uses are NOT Qigong in its entirety. They are one of the tools used to guide the Qi………………. just ONE of the tools.

In this course you will learn:-

· To create a quiet body/mind through the use of Wuji stance. Poor posture creates distraction, noise, that interferes with the focus needed to guide the Qi.

· To make use of the subtleties within the movements and postures to accurately guide the Qi.

· To use the breath to guide the Qi and to help change the brainwave pattern from Beta wave to Alpha wave.

· To use listening jing in order to gain tangible awareness of the Qi and the changes produced during Qigong. If you do not know what it is that you are meant to be guiding how can you guide it?

The, free preview, Introduction lesson explains the course in depth. The benefits of true Qigong are too good to miss. There are also downloadable files that contain information pertinent to the course.

Enjoy your Qigong journey!

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