What you’ll learn

  • The building blocks of Channeling your inner Guidance
  • How the Grand Design of the Universe functions
  • The journey of the Oversoul along multiple lifetimes
  • How to communicate inward with the Soul
  • Understanding your personal Soul journey
  • How to Raise your vibratory frequency
  • Releasing Karmic ties and old Spiritual wounds
  • An easy and intuitive meditation technique
  • The purpose of your current incarnation and karma


All journeys of spiritual evolution are only complete with the proper set of tools. As we seek a greater understanding of ourselves, it is essential to understand the lineage of our Oversoul, its’ journey through multiple incarnations, and the lessons it is here to learn this time around.

Throughout this course, we address the topics of your inner realm, intuitive meditation, karmic spiritual wounds, core beliefs, and Channeling, with an emphasis on Spiritual Guidance (the OverSoul, Source, Archangels, and many others), and its’ role in your life.

This course binds all of these elements together and helps you learn how to establish a line of inner communication with your Guides, gaining a greater understanding of your current incarnation, and Karmic lessons. You will receive tools to liberate yourself from ancient spiritual wounds, blockages, and ties that are hindering your awakening at this time. Throughout the course, we work with different modalities, exploring different facets of your energy, and resolving age-old issues in order to enable a true rebirth of the spirit, and renewal of your energy and vibration.

Tools to connect to your inner Self, Spiritual Guidance, and address past lifetimes and their lessons fluidly

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