What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basics of writing code in any language
  • Learn the basics of writing code efficiently and securely
  • Learn about variables, arrays, strings and functions.
  • Learn about objects, classes and object oriented programming.


Core coding is especially designed for those looking to take their first steps into the world of computer programming.

Rather than learn a specific language we focus on core concepts that are common to all program languages. This will get you thinking about writing code in the right way without being tied down to a specific coding language.

Most of the examples are in Javascript but this is not a Javascript course. We’ll see examples of writing the same code in PHP and python. Even if you have plans to learn a language not covered on in Core Coding you will find the basic structure of most programming languages is the same.

In this course we’ll consider –

– Variables
– Functions
– Strings
– Arrays
– Iteration
– Loops
– Objects

We’ll discuss important coding principles such as object oriented programming and advice on how to find bugs and make sure code is written in a secure and efficient way. We’ll explain why modules are an important part of any coding language and how they increase the efficiency of the coding process.

If you are thinking about testing the waters to see if a career in software or web development is right for you, this is a perfect starting point. After learning the basics of writing computer code you’ll be equipped to drill down into a specific language based on the type of projects you are interested in.

Thanks for checking out Core Coding. I am Adam “z3nsh3ll” Jones. Any questions or problems, just let me know.

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