What you’ll learn

  • Drawing Shapes In Illustartor
  • Creating Characters In Illustartor
  • Animating Shapes In After Effects
  • Techniques for Smooth Fun Animations.
  • How to parent layers.
  • How to create a simple looping animation.
  • Exporting a your animation as Gif Format
  • By The End of this Course you will have a Great Understanding of how to Create Creative Gif Animations


If you are interested in becoming an  Character illustrator& animator or motion graphics designer then this is a great course for you. Creating Creative Gif Animations for beginners to Advanced Level Artists has been created with the beginner in mind. We’ll cover everything step by step so you can follow along, including.

If You are Graphic Designer or Motion Graphic Designer or Character Illustrator This Course is For You


Creating Shapes In Illustrator

Drawing Characters in Illustrator

Importing Illustrator File in After effects

Converting Illustrator Files to Shaper Layers

Animating Shapes In After Effects

Animating With Expressions in After Effects

Parenting in After Effects

Adjusting Graph Editor In After Effects

Keyframe Smoothing in After Effects

Working With Track Mattes

Working with Time Remapping in After Effects

Working with Various Tools

Exporting in Gif Format

By the end of this course, you’ll learn new skills and be able to create your very own Creative Gif Animations

And You can Share Your Gif animation in Your Own Social Media

Hi, my name is Venkatesh Chennu  and I am a motion graphics designer and 3d Artist with 10 years of Experience  I have worked on animation  studios  and Design studios and i worked as freelancer for a lot clients across the Globe .Am Here To Share my Experience with you all

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