What you’ll learn

  • You will learn a brief background history about crystals though the ages
  • A little science about how crystals are formed and how they work
  • How to choose, cleanse and program your crystal friends
  • The different crystal formations and how they operate energetically
  • Chakras and color and a learning hack to quickly know which crystals work where
  • A good overview of the various ways to use your crystals


This course is all about making it simple to use these remarkable tools that nature has put at our disposal.

Too often I find that people don’t lean into support from various tools available to them because they ‘don’t know enough’.

I agree that learning about these tools is a fabulous idea, but you have to start somewhere. Rather get started and much of the learning will happen experientially over time.

This will give you the basics and I encourage you to get started. Practical experience is paramount.

No more procrastinating, if you come with me on this journey your hands on crystal experience starts today.

  • Learn how to choose, cleanse and program your crystals
  • Learn some crystal hacks to get started
  • Learn ways to use crystals
  • Learn some of the varied forms
  • Learn to identify some of the common crystals and crystal families

The crystal world are like natures treasures, formed under extreme heat and pressure. They know what it takes to become a treasure they offer us council in the lessons we must face and help teach us to treasure and transform ourselves.

You won’t look back. I have been using crystals in various forms for 20 years and I am still learning from them every day.


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