What you’ll learn

  • Learn Flexbox & CSS Grid to create amazing / responsive web layouts
  • CSS Grid & Flexbox are the present and the future for web layouts, you will master them in this course
  • You will also learn how to implement SASS, Gulp, JavaScript ES6 and other tools in your Designs
  • We’re building several examples, each is going to be different so you can master this tools


CSS Grid & Flexbox are the Present & Future for Web Layouts

in this course you’re going to learn both tecnologies, and we’re building several examples including a AirBNB Clone, Udemy & Netflix Login Page, plus several other projects (the video is enabled to watch for free where you can view all the projects)

We will start with flexbox, a great technology for building one-dimensional layouts, with Flexbox you can create responsive websites really easily, you’re going to learn the basics of flexbox, from flex container, flex direction, flex wrap, flex flow and others.

Then we’re going to build some projects with Flexbox so you can understand it’s features more easily

Also we’re going to integrate some nice Tools with Flexbox, such as SASS, NPM , Gulp and also some Advanced CSS with Transitions and Custom Properties.

Then we’re moving into CSS Grid aka GRID or CSS Grid Layout, the most advanced way to create a web layout natively in CSS, with CSS Grid you can create more advanced  / responsive layouts with breeze, no frameworks are needed anymore!

We’re going to build several examples with CSS Grid, plus a Clone of the Website AirBNB and other projects that you can use for your clients or your personal use!

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