What you’ll learn

  • Explore the ancient origins of Kali-Ma and how she emerged into the somewhat terrifying or at least confronting goddess we are familiar with today.
  • Discover Kali’s connection and relationship with Durga, Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  • Read about Kali’s involvement in Durga’s battle with the great buffalo demon, Mahishasura.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the symbolism connected with Kali.
  • Understand why the Hindu Tantrics see Kali as the “Great Mother”.
  • What Kali’s connection is with the Thuggees, a cult of robbers and murderers that existed from the 14th to 19th centuries.
  • Undertake a meditation to meet Kali herself.
  • Learn about pranayama (breath work) and the Sanskrit bija sounds.
  • The significance of malas and how to count mantras if you do not have a mala.
  • How to chant mantras including Kali’s bija mantra and mantras that call upon Kali’s protection as well as for spiritual enlightenment and liberation.
  • How to set up a devotional altar to Kali with appropriate offerings to attract Kali’s boons.
  • Embody your own personal power through surrendering to Kali’s ferocious grace.
  • Perform a devotional puja (ritual) to Kali.


The terrifying, yet awe inspiring, Kali Ma. The naked dark skinned primal Goddess of the Hindu pantheon.

Take a moment and try to imagine what went through the minds of the uptight, prim and proper British colonialists when they first encountered this ferocious goddess with her wild hair and eyes ablaze, smeared with blood, and holding a decapitated head.

Worse. She was dancing of the corpse of her consort, a revered god, Lord Shiva.

Take a closer look at Kali. She exudes uncontrollable power – shakti power – power of the divine feminine. Does she terrify you? Does she inspire or even excite you?

Swirling her dangerously sharp sword in the air that is dripping with blood. Rattling her necklace made from human skulls. Does this make you want to duck for cover? Or are you brave enough to offer her your head as the ultimate sacrifice as her devotees do?

Kali, Kali Ma – this mysterious goddess of destruction, is maybe one of better known and worshipped goddesses of the Hindu pantheon yet she is approached with much trepidation, even amongst most Hindus today.

She is filled with contradictions, making her very much an enigma. Her feral image force bursts forth with sheer power, smashing any rose-tinted glasses of those who attempt to “tame” her primal source of power.

This course will take you beyond the role of mere observer. Through learning the sacred chants, mantras and even poetry you will gain the opportunity to get up close and personal with Maha Kali, Great Mother Kali, as her thousands of devotees affectionally call her.  You are invited to join in the dance with Kali.

Some people are attempting to claim her as a symbol of “self-empowerment”. Maybe she is – however, this is on her own terms and not through some sugary sweet pseudo-psychological love fest. Kali’s brand of “self-empowerment” comes through our surrender to her, when we offer her our head.

When you fully embody (embrace) these sacred practices, then you will be self-empowered – maybe not in the way your ego-mind had realised.  You will be self-empowered at a deep, core, soul level.

Are you brave enough to offer her yours? Will you sit at her feet and surrender yourself to her ferocious grace? Her divine wisdom? Her liberating self-empowerment?

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