What you’ll learn

  • Learn the secrets so you avoid being blindsided by big problems on the set
  • Discover how you can protect yourself from being fired by a producer
  • Handle feeling scared when an actor or crew member is wrecking your film
  • Overcome the filmmaking myths that can screw up your film
  • Take care of yourself so you don’t burn out
  • Learn to connect with a Name Actor so he or she will not get you kicked off the film
  • Guide Actors to Better Performances (as an Actor’s Director)


Need to watch out that you’ll be blindsided while you direct a feature film? Have you heard about the darkest secrets and tough situations that can derail a film director’s career? Directing movies promises vast rewards–but not for free.  You need Real Skills.

High Rated Course: #3 on  CMUSE’s “7 Best Directing Lessons for Beginners Review 2022” (a list that includes acclaimed Director Ron Howard).

Learn to beware of traps and pitfalls that await even the most talented, most skilled and hard-working director. This course offers priceless knowledge. Knowledge of those traps lying ahead. More, Tom Marcoux describes effective countermeasures with which to handle each one.

Problems on set come in many forms. Directors need to spot them in advance and fix them as each arises. When the crew turns on you, a name actor goes through a breakdown mid-shoot, or the producer starts squeezing your budget–knowing all these and the rest of the 21 Darkest Secrets can happen is half the battle. The other half is what countermeasures to use in the face of disaster. Find the techniques you need here in this course. Learn how to not only manage events and people, but come through it with your film complete!

Darkest Secrets of Film Directing is a great course on the art and craft of film directing. It’s especially helpful that Tom Marcoux reveals some important pitfalls you need to avoid.” – Danek S. Kaus, Produced Screenwriter

“Tom treats cast and crew with great respect. He listens to ideas, allows a lot of give and take. Many directors remain defensive, even touchy about their own ideas. Tom always seems more interested in seeing what others can bring to a project. His support helped me express the truth in my scenes.” – David MacDowell Blue, actor, playwright, screenwriter, and author of The Annotated Carmilla

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