What you’ll learn

  • Data center Facility equipment
  • Data center Facility design
  • Datacenter facility Operation
  • Datacenter facility maintenance


This course will give you comprehensive and specific training in the data center facility field. We will discuss all components and subcomponents of the data center in terms of operation and maintenance. Also, we will talk in detail about the design of the data center. we will discuss the management of staffing, training, and maintenance of the data center; moreover, in this course, we will discuss mitigating any natural and manmade risks. This course will qualify you to become a better engineer in the field of data centers. The components covered in this course are:

  1. Diesel generators
  2. UPS
  3. Low and medium voltage switchgear
  4. ATS
  5. STS
  6. Chillers
  7. Pumps
  8. AHU
  9. FANS
  10. CRAH units
  11. CRAC units
  12. IT racks
  13. Rectifiers
  14. Thermal storage systems
  15. Earthing (grounding) system
  16. fire  alarm and fighting system
  17. VESDA system
  18. CCTV
  19. access control system
  20. BMS
  21. DCIM

If you have a particular component that needs more information about it, just comment on its name, and we will make a session for it.

If you have any comments about any session just message me to give you more details about it, you are more than welcome.

All technical details in this course come from trusted references, practical examination, and long experience in the data center field with large data center projects.

I hope you find what you seek in this course, and I hope that I give you in this course what you search for.

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