What you’ll learn

  • Data Science Interview Format
  • Practice Interview Questions previously come in the Fortune Top 100 companies’ interviews
  • Practice Hands-on SQL, Python and ML Model Building
  • Included Solution Templates for Product Analytics and Design rounds with Case Studies
  • Practice Probability, Hypothesis Testing and AB Testing Questions
  • Practice Behavior and Cultural Fit Questions
  • Follow the Course in any order as per your requirement


The objective of this course is to provide the candidate with the right direction and proper guidance so that candidate must get ready for any kind of Data Science interview through Hands-on and practice questions in each possible rounds.

This course is for anyone who is preparing for Data Science Interview whether you are applying for Entry Level Data Scientist or Senior Data Scientist or Lead/staff Data Scientist or 10+ Years of Experience.

This course has covered all the possible important topics such as SQL, Python, Machine Learning Building, ML Design,

Product Analytics and Metrics, Statistics, AB Testing, Probability, Behavior and Cultural Fit Rounds etc.

90% of the practice questions in this course have previously come in the Fortune Top 100 companies’ interviews.

Follow the chapters in any order and you can pick and select any course in any order as per your requirement.

This course has covered Hands-on Practice Questions, Templates, preparation tips, Solutions, downloadable datasets as well as Python and SQL codes.

what you should not expect from the course ? This course will not cover like teaching fundamental concepts on python or SQL or ML. or some of the statistical concepts. In fact this is one of the pre-requisite that you already know the fundamental concepts and through this course you want to practice for your DS interviews. Moreover, You have access to Python Notebook and SQL editor.

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