What you’ll learn

  • Learn the differences between females and males’ perception based on senses
  • Learn to pinpoint small issues that have ruined your relationship
  • Learn to speak with your partner according to how his/her brain works
  • Learn to understand the behaviors of your partner
  • Learn how to avoid unconscious conflicts from building up


We think of long-term relationships and focus on love, respect, exclusivity, parenting… which are all important; but sometimes; our partner doesn’t change and these virtues doesn’t change, but we still feel like we don’t “like” or “enjoy” or “are in love” with this person anymore.

You aren’t “no longer in love”

She isn’t suddenly “annoying”

He isn’t suddenly “indifferent”,

You and your partner didn’t “drift apart”.

You allowed seemingly menial issues to build-up without noticing them, and the ticking bomb eventually exploded!

The biological differences between males and females affect our perceptions and how each sex views certain situations.

This allows continuous small behaviors to start building-up and eventually lead to an explosion in the relationship.

These build-ups are usually attributed to unconscious changes or other factors that we think ruin “love”; but they are in fact, detectable; manageable, and under our control.

Learn how the most basic and daily interactions with your partner can make or break your loving relationship!

– General Differences

– Visual Differences

– Auditory Differences

– Tactile Differences

– Smell and Taste Differences

In addition to the neurotransmitters and hormones affected by these differences.

This course gives you a preview of some of these differences, where the history and research is explained in our course: Dating, Attracting, and Building Relationships.

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