What you’ll learn

  • Get the exact Roadmap of what courses, lectures and videos you need to pass the dbt™ (Data Build Tool) Certification Exam
  • Get an overview of all free and paid courses about dbt™ (Data Build Tool) and Analytics Engineering available
  • Learn the trick to get paid Udemy courses at a great discount and prepare for the exam as cost-effectively as possible
  • Check out the paid courses to make sure the quality of video, audio and structure is worth the purchase before you buy


Whether you are a Data Engineer or Data Analyst, you may want to pass the dbt™ (Data Build Tool) Analytics Engineering Certification Exam or improve your knowledge of dbt™. In either case, you will need to spend a lot of time practicing and learning new skills. This requires not only dedication and hard work but also good preparation. It’s easy to learn when you come to class and a teacher systematically explains everything you need to know, shows you what to do, and then gives you exercises to try on your own and feedback when you are done. But with innovative new technologies and solutions (like dbt), that’s rarely the case, and you may be faced with the reality that you do not have a well-trodden path to your goal, just scattered grains of knowledge on the Internet, some of which come at a price and it’s unclear whether they are worth it. Just gathering all the available information to help you prepare can take weeks or even months. And even if all of this is already available in one place, you may be wondering, “How am I supposed to understand if it’s worth buying, watching, and doing all these exercises, or if it’s just a waste of time?”

Since we have been in your place many times, we decided to do all the preparation for you. We thoroughly searched and analyzed the entire internet to get all the relevant information about an optimal way to acquire knowledge in dbt (Data Build Tool) or to help pass the exam if that is the case. We watched all the YouTube videos and subscribed to free courses to weigh if and when they were worth watching. Finally, we bought all the premium courses and did the exercises to solve the puzzle and finally create the Roadmap that will help you become a competent specialist in dbt in the most cost-effective and time-saving way.

So, this course is not a typical course where an instructor will show you how to program and handle an interface, but it is a guide on what courses and exact lectures, what articles and videos you should attend to acquire specific knowledge on each topic to help you pass the certification exam or become a dbt professional. What you can expect after buying certain courses, or if it is worth buying them at all (instructors often only give good quality for the publicly available lectures and describe the content in much more detail than it actually is)

The Roadmap to becoming a DBT professional will be our main topic, so sign up for the course and let’s dive in!

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