What you’ll learn

  • Understand the teachings hidden in our death and the possibility of rebirth
  • Decode the transformative potential behind the ancient, sacred text of Katha Upanishad
  • Learn advanced and Kundalini-activating practices from Kriya Yoga
  • Enter into expanded states of consciousness


What is the deepest secret of death?

Every end has something very special. It is a little death. For example the turn of the year is a special time. An old year ends: it dies so that something new can begin. What lies in the gap between the two?

This is an invitation into a deep letting-go and an inviting of something new. It is a metaphor for the deepest kind of transformation – death and rebirth.

In Tibetan, the word for body is “Lü” and it means ‘something you leave behind,’; so every time “Lü” is said, it is a reminder that this life is transient and we are only travellers. In our modern world, on the other hand, we have created a reality full of consumption and distractions where there seems to be no death. This simultaneously robs us of the deeper meaning and mystical depth of life. We plan, and prepare, and wait – without ever really being alive.

Using a story from the ancient Kata Upanishad, in which a boy sets out to meet and question him about the meaning of life and death, we will explore the transformative depth of this incredible mystery – death – finally to be reborn in it.

This is the invitation of this online retreat with Shai Tubali.

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