What you’ll learn

  • Understand about the Features of WPF, Types of WPF Application and WPF Architecture.
  • Understand about the XAML Advantages, Features and Role Of XAML In Building RICH Windows Applications.
  • Understand the sophisticated GUI using WPF Controls, Menu and Status Bar.
  • Understand Event Handling and Custom Commands.
  • Understand about the Look and Feel using Custom styles.
  • Understand about the types of brushes, Static & Dynamic resources and Scope of Resources.
  • Reuse UI using User Control.
  • Explore WPF Data Binding Controls and interacting with data.
  • Understand about the fixed and flow documents.


WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is for building aesthetic applications with very advanced Look and feel features. The WPF engine is responsible for creating, displaying and manipulating user-interfaces, documents, images, movies and media in ”Rich UI Windows Applications”. It replaces Winform API which was traditionally used for developing GUI in windows based application. The architecture used for development is very much inspired from ASP.NET WebForms where design (in XAML file) is separated from code (in .cs file). This is the reason the design can be independently created in some tool like Microsoft Expression Blend and coding can be done using Visual Studio IDE.

BestDotNetTraining’s WPF Online Training covers all aspects of WPF right from basic controls to layouts to themes to manage 3D drawing and animation which will help one to build Windows 8 and MS Word 2013 kind of Look and feel for the applications. Mr. Sandeep Soni, MCPD has ensured that all the topics are covered in maximum possible depth. Special focus is put on WPF Data binding which is the most important topic in building data centric applications.

This WPF training course explains every topic with relevant walkthroughs and sample programs. For each and every module we have provided the compressed form of project developed while explaining the concept in video.

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