What you’ll learn

  • How to take advantage of four fundamental truths of innovation
  • How to determine the value of your ideas
  • How to transform ideas into powerful CO-STAR value propositions
  • How to formulate compelling elevator pitches for your ideas
  • How to strengthen the case for your ideas


We can all develop the essential skills to think innovatively. Being innovative means finding new ways of solving problems, pursuing opportunities, and bringing value to the world. While we all aspire to these goals, most people lack the confidence and capability to turn their potentially brilliant ideas into reality. Right from the start, people being innovative face 2 challenges: 1) how to efficiently turn an initial insight into a valuable idea and 2) how to effectively present the idea so colleagues, customers, and sponsors understand it’s true value. These foundational first steps are key to the successful launch of any innovation journey.

This introductory course highlights the CO-STAR method, an innovation technique perfected in Silicon Valley and used to produce business breakthroughs in over 40 countries. The course teaches you how to develop and champion novel solutions. You will learn how to quickly and easily identify the critical aspects of your idea, then transform it into a compelling value proposition you can use to pitch and prove your idea is a winner. These straightforward tools have broad applicability and provide a systematic method for harnessing the full potential of your imagination.

This 30-minute course will motivate you to start developing bigger and bolder ideas. It will help advance your career or launch a new business. It can be a catalyst for a more exciting and enjoyable life. After all, who doesn’t like seeing their ideas get realized?

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