What you’ll learn

  • How to plan
  • Creating a vision for the space
  • Setup of utilities
  • In and out of New builds


In this class you will learn what goes on behind the scenes for building a new construction. This construction information is great for those just curious, interested in building themselves or looking to create a glamping location. I will break down the steps I took to personally complete a 5 unit project for an Airbnb build from scratch. The information in this class can be applied to building a personal home. This is definitely a DIY approach to building from scratch for those looking to build on a budget this is definitely a step in the right direction and something I wish I had access to when I got started.  the project you can begin crafting what your dream home or dream project will consist of on paper. Basically put together a clear blueprint of what you have in mind. Also remember topics covered in the class. Once you have your dream home or project on paper now you can begin narrowing down locations that will match your project profile. Keeping in mind your theme for your project to match the outside setting as well. You want the theme inside to also match the theme inside unless you are purposely going after a very weird and unique project then do as you wish! ?

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