What you’ll learn

  • @ Phase 1 – Setup and initiate new Django applications
  • @ Phase 1 – Create dynamic webpages to include HTML, CSS and HTMX interactions
  • @ Phase 1 – Implement a testing environment within a Django project
  • @ Phase 1 – Create unit tests to test vital features of a Django application


Developing applications can be a fun and effective way of learning a language and framework. In this course we build a blog application Introducing you to Python Django Framework, Django Templating, the Bootstrap framework, HTMX, CSS, and HTML.

This course is primarily designed for anyone looking for a journey learning the Django Framework or developing web applications with Python. This course is a great starting point or a good first step after first learning about any of the technologies that this course features.

Currently, this course presents phase 1 of the development process. In phase 1 we initiate the project and get started building and testing the core functionality of the application. In Phase 1 we learn the fundamentals of the Python Django Framework, implement templates with Django, HTML, and CSS and create dynamic content using HTMX. By the end of phase 1, you will have a working, tested application ready for deployment. The intention for this course is to further extend the content and learning experience to eventually include deeper relevant content to further aid your understanding of the development process and techniques, deployment, and other associated technologies.

I hope you enjoy the course. Don’t forget to visit us on our YouTube Channel, Very Academy, where you can further interact with the community and explore other free supplementary content.

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