What you’ll learn

  • Understanding all Basics of Dynamo
  • Writing a Script in Dynamo
  • Practical Examples for scripting
  • Working with modeling and importing from Autocad
  • Working with modeling and importing from Excel
  • Dynamo scripting applications


Dynamo BIM for Beginners is a course that teaches all you need to know to start using Dynamo immediately on various tasks in the daily work of a Revit user.

it’s designed for teaching you how to Dynamo on Autodesk Revit 2019.

This course will let you utilize Dynamo in Revit with spreadsheet file formats such as excel.

it’s designed for teaching you how to import drawings from autocad and modeling using Dynamo through many applications

scripts explained and Practical Examples for scripting.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the Course:

  • Context – What exactly is “Visual Programming” and what are the concepts I need to understand to dive in to Dynamo?
  • Getting Started – How do I get Dynamo and create my first program?
  • What’s in a Program – What are the functional parts of Dynamo and how do I use them?
  • Building Blocks – What is “Data” and what are some fundamental types I can start using in my programs?
  • Geometry for Design – How do I work with geometric elements in Dynamo?
  • Lists, Lists, Lists – How to do I manage and coordinate my data structures?
  • Code in Nodes – How can I start extending Dynamo with my own code?
  • Computational BIM – How can I use Dynamo with a Revit model?
  • Custom Nodes – How can I create my own nodes?
  • Packages – How can I share my tools with the community?


Introducing the DYNAMO

Understand the workflow with graphic nodes within Dynamo

Understanding lists in Dynamo

Use Dynamo to create generative and adaptive models in Revit

Towers Geometry In Dynamo

Dynamo scripting applications

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