What you’ll learn

  • write emails correctly for a few key information areas
  • understand messages conveyed in emails and reply accordingly
  • write emails using the standard structure of greeting, precise information, call to action, and sign-off.
  • avoid common errors in simple work emails.
  • use formal vocabulary in all work emails


This intermediate business email writing course is designed to build on the skills learned in the beginner course and to take participants to the next level in their business email writing. The course begins by exploring the basics of email etiquette and formatting. Participants will learn the fundamentals of formatting an email, including the structure of an effective email, the elements of the message, and the importance of subject lines. They will also learn how to craft effective messages that are concise, clear, and professional.

The course will then focus on advanced applications of email communication. Participants will learn how to write persuasive emails to influence or persuade their readers. They will also learn how to create effective emails to customers and how to respond to customer inquiries. Additionally, they will learn how to use email to create and maintain relationships with colleagues and customers.

Finally, the course will cover the technical aspects of email communication. Participants will learn how to manage their email accounts and how to use email software to maximize efficiency and reduce the workload of managing multiple accounts.

By the end of this course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to craft effective and professional business emails that will help them communicate effectively and foster relationships with customers, colleagues, and clients.

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