What you’ll learn

  • Self-Awareness: Answer the Question “Who am i?” with Clarity and Confidence
  • Decision Making: Develop tools for Effective and Authentic Decision Making
  • Goal Setting: Identify and clarify life goals and develop a strategy to accomplish them
  • Self-Discovery: Identify key beliefs and habits that are preventing personal progress


This course is for the curious. The people who wake up each day in search of something bigger than themselves. The people who are committed to living a life of authenticity, curiosity, and growth.

In this course you’ll finally answer the question “Who Am I?” using the innovative “Life Map” framework. You’ll learn what key experiences from your life have shaped who you are – how they are affecting your present and are either hindering or helping your future outcomes. Most importantly, you’ll become crystal clear on what you want out of your life next and how to use the experiences of your past and present to get there.

Led by Imari Tuakli, a Leadership Coach and workshop facilitator for some of the biggest companies in the world, you will be taken on a (surprisingly) fun and definitely vulnerable journey into your self so that you can uncover everything you need in order to get everything you want.

If you’re looking to build confidencegain clarity and find motivation – you’ve made it to the right place. The Ego Trip is for people who want to understand the world and their place in it, while building a life of fulfillment instead of regret.  If you’re up for an hour or so of intense and intimate inquiry, grab a ticket to the Ego Trip and buckle up for the ride!

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