What you’ll learn

  • Effective Email Writing


Well-written emails with a catchy subject line get over a 91% favorable response from readers. They not only explain the purpose of the email in a simple way but also make it easy for the reader to know how to respond.

Over 200.5 billion emails are written and sent daily, while only 1/3rd of these emails are opened. Through Email Pro+, we make sure that you are equipped to write effective and positive emails that get your readers to not only open the email but respond as well.

Email Pro+ teaches you how to write effective emails whether you need to write internally or to external stakeholders. Follow our simple to use PAPERPRESS, and GRACE email formats to communicate effectively. Discover how email structure, formatting, and proofreading help you compose an email that gets your readers to respond positively.

Enroll to get valuable tools, instructor feedback, and your personalized report at the end of the workshop to become effective at writing professional business emails.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Write professional business emails to internal and external stakeholders
  • Improve the open rate of your email with catchy subject lines by up to 60%
  • Reduce the time taken to write a difficult email by up to 40% with our proven templates and email formats
  • Learn how to cluster and structure your thoughts to share information in an effective manner
  • Understand the basics of writing a good subject line to make sure that every email written gets read
  • Know the tone and formatting to use for effective and simple to read emails.
  • Learn how to effectively use email signatures, out-of-office replies, hyperlinks, punctuation, and etiquette in a business set up

Who is this course is for:

– Business professionals who want to be more confident and effective when they write to their clients and coworkers

– Freshers entering the corporate workspace looking to be effective employees

– Professionals who help on backend technical and customer support functions

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