What you’ll learn

  • Learn about core Islamic Beliefs
  • Get a good grip on Islamic Creed
  • Basics about the six pillars of Eman
  • 100+ question and lessons to learn


Welcome to Eman 101

The basic course focusing on the core Islamic beliefs

In this course you will learn:

  1. About Allah – The Islamic beliefs regarding the creator of the universe
  2. His Angels – The Angels are the servants of God and they serve Him in His universe
  3. The Jinn – The Jinn are a special creation created with smokeless fire
  4. The Books – We will speak about the books that God revealed included the Injeel, the Torah and the Quran
  5. The prophets and messengers –  We will speak about the prophets chosen by God and the purpose why they were sent to humankind
  6. The Last Day – We will speak about the Day of Judgment and the events that will occur prior to it and on that day
  7. The Qadar – We will speak about the Predecree or predestination or destiny from the Islamic point of view
  8. Queestions and doubts –  We will address some doubts and question people have regarding the Will of God and His decrees and decisions in His creation
  9. Wisom of God – In this section, we will understand the wisdom of God in how and why He did in His creation what He did

This and much more in this concise but comprehensive course containing more than 100 questions/answers and learning points,

Enjoy and Share!

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