What you’ll learn

  • Horsemanship
  • Emotional Horsemanship
  • Emotional Science Basics
  • Safe horse training
  • Ethical Horse training
  • Reinforcement minimal and free training techniques, no pressure positive or negative
  • Self awareness
  • Psychotherapy


Emotional Horsemanship is a new normal for horse owners!
Behavioural problems can be resolved with your horse when you understand a horses emotions and how to train your horse using Emotional Intelligence.
In this first course from Emotional Horsemanship you will learn a very basic introduction to the world of Emotional Intelligence, and learn exercises for YOU and YOUR HORSE which help you harness emotion in a safe and functional way!
The first and most essential training technique of Emotional Horsemanship is Mother & Foal Bonding.  This is a tick all boxes training concept that uses a body language phenomenon ALL HORSES have, that can train horses with low or NO pressure, very little reinforcement needed.
Learn how to FEEL GOOD with horses and train them more peacefully.
This course will set you up to participate in more courses to come in the future, Emotional Horsemanship Groundwork: Basic & Advance and Emotional Horsemanship Riding: Basic & Advanced
English is your second language?
Transcriptions of all lectures, theory and practical, are available in the Resources section!

Horsemanship with SCIENCE, EMPATHY & FEEL

USING: A Welfare Protocol and Training Techniques


This means we go through a process of elimination before using a training technique. To ensure we never use training to overcome a root cause for behavioural issues, that has a mental or physical health cause. E.g. We check for pain, pathology or potential improvements in the horses daily life and care. We do the same for the person involved too. Learning should come from a clean slate. If necessary, we consult on a management plan to install improvements or healing.

Training Techniques?
Emotional Horsemanship has a variety of training techniques available for you to learn which are entirely unique to this method. Developed over the last ten years according to science, empathy and feel from deep inter-disciplinary research and on the ground experience with thousands of horses . Continually in development, please expect more techniques to become available in the future. Some other techniques available to learn are standard, or common training techniques but they have been filtered through a lens of science, empathy and feel to improve the horses learning experience and performance, and your enjoyment and safety!

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