What you’ll learn

  • Recognise some of your identities
  • Identify actions, thoughts and feelings that are aligned with your values
  • Identify actions, thoughts and feelings that are misaligned from your values
  • Understand that we can create a diversity of life purposes


Have you stopped to imagine what your life would be like if you stopped trying to find “the” meaning of life? If instead of one great, heavy, singular meaning, you explored multiple meanings of life? Some easier and more tangible, others more complex and grand. All of them are much more than the sum of individual meanings, but rather, they weave together to create your well-being.

In this course, we will start by exploring your individual identity. What brings you well-being? What gives you pleasure? What causes anxiety? Answering each of these questions will help you to better understand what truly matters to you… and that is strongly connected to your meaning of life!

By having a better idea of your passions and fears, you will have access to valuable information about the aims and objectives you want to set in life.

This is a practical course and it will help you to develop a deeper understanding of your meanings of life. You will see some of my personal examples and you will also have some practical exercises for each session. I am confident that this course will impact your meaning of life, as well as your relationship with other people; benefitting you and those whose lives you touch.

I am excited to have you here. The hard part is over: you signed up and are here. Let’s dive in!

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