What you’ll learn

  • Flutter user interface layout design and coding
  • Flutter + Dart coding skill
  • Understand mobile app development with Flutter
  • Use the skills to design or build web and desktop apps


The problem in learning Flutter

  1. Unfamiliar with the code structure of Flutter
  2. Not having the knowledge of widgets and Flutter is all about widgets
  3. Know the widgets, but don’t know where things begin and end
  4. Don’t understand what goes where and unable to compose UI as required
  5. Unable to find the bits and pieces required to customize UI elements or widgets as desired
  6. Don’t know which code editor to use and how to set it up the right way for Flutter coding

The solution

  1. This course, of course ๐Ÿ™‚

This Flutter course is for all those who wish to be learning continuously.

Flutter is an app development framework made by Google with the tag line “Build apps for any screen”. So, Flutter could be used to build apps for mobile, web and desktop. The language used in Flutter is Dart. Knowledge of Dart is not really required since you’d be learning it along the way. It’s really not that difficult. In fact, coding in Flutter is more like assembling lego pieces. It’s kind of the knowledge of the lego pieces is more important than the coding language itself. That’s if your focus is user interface development. Take the course and you’ll see how fun it is ๐Ÿ˜‰

This course is developed to solve the issues in learning Flutter as described above. It’s in easy-to-follow show and tell format. From getting started to learning the basics, you’d be growing your Flutter skills until you could design and compose full app screens by the end of the course. Beyond just screens, you’ll learn to wire up multiple screens into a proper app with navigation.ย  Source code provided (Attached to Project setup lesson).

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