What you’ll learn

  • Learn to recognize when it is wrong to blame yourself for a mistake.
  • Develop strategies for reducing the pains of guilt and shame.
  • Recognize those in your life who may have imposed shame that you did not deserve
  • Acquire tools needed to triumph over the toxic elements in your life that pull you downward



  • An Open Heart
  • A Need for Emotional Closure
  • A Willingness to Believe


Do you want to overcome some deep-seated regret? Do you wish people were more forgiving? Do you feel as though malignant narcissists are trying to gaslight you? If so, then read on!


We all make mistakes. That’s okay. We know that, but it can still be hard to accept.

That’s why this class exists.

People blame themselves for what they do as well as for many things they haven’t done. The blame is often excessive and undeserved. Deep down, we all know this, but self-loathing can be addictive. So we go ahead finding fault with ourselves where we are truly faultless.

We do it because sometimes happiness hurts, and sadness can be addicting. Guilt and shame weigh us down, and we suffer more because of it. People around us suffer too.

Are you ready to change it? Are you tired of the guilt? Self-acceptance is precious, yet it is an all-too-scarce resource.

Fortunately, it’s also a renewable one.

This liberating guide aims to empower the reader with the knowledge and the confidence they need to rise out of the mire their guilt has placed them in. If this happens, then they, their friends, and their family can begin to enjoy the benefits offered by a person freed from shame.

Are you ready to pick yourself up?

This course is your leverage.


This is an inspiring motivational guide and one of the most hopeful works many people will ever read. Within its pages, you’ll discover the following:

  • Techniques for determining if you should be blamed for things
  • Methods for responding to a variety of negative thoughts
  • Common examples of self-blame
  • Inspiring commentary on society, politics, and the adverse effect they have on our sense of guilt
  • Dozens of tips for everyday forgiveness
  • And something else! It’s the most something of all elses!

So if you want to empower yourself by unloading an old regret, then scroll back up and add the course to your cart now!

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